Personal Financial Management

Your Financial Life is your most powerful indicator of how thoroughly you serve The Lord. We help you break the chains of bondage to debt and mis-management. You can be financially free to Serve God when and where He wants you to.

Getting Out of Debt

The Borrower is the Servant to the Lender. Your decision to take on debt automatically excludes your willing participation in God's plans for your future. You need to get out of Debt and be Free to Serve God. Using our Simple Process, you can be free. Getting God's Army out of Debt - The Book

The 7 chapters of our book are written in a conversational style and include real-world examples, charts, forms, and ideas. It will help you get your Financial Life under control.

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

Sandi writes from her years of experience helping children grow into responsible adults. Using age-appropriate activities, Sandi helps you build good attitudes and habits so your children will have fewer financial problems as adults.