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Finances and the Christian

As strangers and sojourners in this world, and citizens of Heaven, the Christian is called to live a Holy life in a fallen world. We are to seek God and resist the Devil in all areas of life. Through Christ, this is possible. Without Him, it is not.

But, in America, the Christian is surrounded by a culture and society that is permeated by the most false god - Money. Matthew 6 tells us that Money is a god, and that we cannot serve both Money and the True God. The First Commandment of the Ten is, "You shall not have any other gods before me." Yet even Christians get tangled up in the pursuit of money and material wealth.

Personal Debt

Personal and family debt, like the National Debt, is at an all-time high, and shows no signs of relief. Consumers continue to spend beyond their means so they can enjoy the finer things in life. Employees get downsized or forgo raises so they can remain employed. Unemployment continues to haunt some families for months after their money and benefits run out.

Things couldn't seem to get any worse, but not so.

Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is so easy to get that new credit cards are routinely issued to college students. Student loan payments are often charged on the credit cards. Students routinely believe that the credit limit on their cards is "money" they get to spend however they want, instead of potential debt they will have to manage.

The Credit Card companies make it so easy to pay, too. They calculate the optimum minimum payment that will maximize their interest income. Paying the minimum payments is a guaranteed way to carry that Credit Card balance for years and years - even if no further charges are made.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement services are thriving through their "free" debt consolidations. There are all kinds of schemes to eliminate debt. Some of these involve arcane twists of law interpretations that just sound nutty. Others require you to pay a fee, even though the service is "free". Debt management schemes abound, all claiming to help people with their debt reduction and desire to become debt free. Most are simply designed to separate you from what little money you have left.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation seems to be a viable solution for many, but it is inherently bad. Otherwise very shrewd financial advisors routinely recommend home equity loans to consolidate business and personal debt - risking loss of a house over a missed payment for a long-ago dinner. A debt or credit counselor or service will negotiate rate reductions or even debt elimination without ever teaching the debtor anything of value in the process.

However, collection agencies still send the bill collector to knock on the door because the fundamental problem has not been solved. You cannot get out of debt with more debt. You can't elimminate or pay off debt by spending more than you earn. Getting out of debt requires counseling and management before a solution is worked out for your life.

Debt-Free Living

Do you aspire to debt-free living? Do you want information on how to get rid of your debts once and for all? Do you want to avoid having to talk to a lender ever again? Would you like to be financially free? Contrary to cultural myths, you CAN live debt-free in america.

You can be free of debt and live financially free if you choose to. You just have to know and follow some basic Biblical principles about financing your life. The principles are not difficult to learn, but they are hard to follow. That's where we come into your life.

Our Mission

Here at New Visions Ministries, our mission is to serve God in the local church & beyond. Our specialty is financial stewardship mentoring and training. Our passion is to help people see God's plan for them and help them get out of the Bondage of Debt so they can serve God, not Money.

Who We Are

John & Sandi Larson have made a life-ministry of teaching churches and individuals how to correctly manage money and get out of debt. We can only serve one master, and we hope for you that it is our Lord Jesus Christ. God calls us to Go and Do, and we need to be able to respond without being shackled by our poor financial choices of the past.

We hope you spend some time investigating how you can Manage your Finances in a more Biblical fashion. You will see how to get out of debt sooner than the credit card companies want you to. If you are a church leader, you can also find out how to schedule a seminar in your area.

You and your financial situation are very important to us. Let us know how you want us to help.

What We Do

Here's what we do:

We pray that God blesses you on your journey to financial freedom. We hope we can be a part of that freedom.

John & Sandi Larson

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