June 30, 2007


Review Your Calendar

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Review your calendar for July, and budget how much you will be spending for each gifting occasion.  If you normally purchase a Christmas present for those same people, plan on purchasing the Christmas gift at the same time.  Remember to record the purchase in your book

June 29, 2007


Make Freezer Treats

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Make up a batch of popsicles and ice cream treats, or purchase the inexpensive treats from the grocery store and designate a special spot in the freezer for them.  When the kids come running in from outdoors begging for a few dollars (not dimes anymore) to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck, pull out a frozen treat from your freezer, and drop the savings into the tin.

June 28, 2007


Save on Cheese

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Do you buy shredded cheese?  Instead, buy the “block” cheese and shred yourself.  Put it in a plastic bag.  You can also watch for the shredded cheese blends on sale, then stock up. Most cheeses freeze quite well.  I usually purchase my shredded cheeses at the club store in bulk, repackage into smaller freezer bags, and take them out when I need them.  When the grocery stores put the smaller packages of blended cheeses on sale for $1 I buy several packages of each of my favorite blends and pop them into the freezer as well.  I also buy the large blocks of cheese and freeze half so I don’t end up throwing moldy cheese away.  Just look at the price per pound for the cheese you buy.  Unless the shredded cheese is on sale, the convenience is very expensive.  You can also save by avoiding the pre-sliced cheese. 

June 27, 2007


Make Your Own Designer Drinks

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Instead of purchasing ready made ice tea or coffee, make your own.  Brew a pot of tea or coffee, flavor it as you like it, and keep it chilled.  Place at least half of the chilled drink into ice cube trays and freeze it.  When frozen, place the cubes in a freezer bag.  When you pour yourself an iced drink, add your frozen tea or coffee cubes instead of ice cubes, and your drinks will not become diluted.  This works well with lemonade and other juice drinks as well.  Every time you brew your own pot, you’ll save at least $3.  Put the savings in your tin.

June 26, 2007


Save on Fireworks

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If you normally purchase fireworks to burn at home,  cut your expenses way down by avoiding the expensive packages.  Instead, purchase one special item for each family member, and put the savings in the tin.  Each family member can put 2 wishes in the wish tin. 

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