May 31, 2007


Review Your Calendar

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Review your calendar for June, and budget how much you will be spending for each gifting occasion.  If you normally purchase a Christmas present for those same people, plan on purchasing the Christmas gift at the same time.  Remember to record the purchase in your book.

May 30, 2007


Late Spring Clearing

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Start going through your belongings and begin deciding which things you are no longer using or wearing.  Get a few boxes and put price stickers on your things you are not keeping, or begin listing them on Craig’s list or eBay.  If you have clothing, call a few clothing consignment stores and see if your cast offs can turn into cash.  If you don’t sell it on eBay or Craig’s list, and consignment shops aren’t interested, then set it aside for a garage or yard sale.

May 29, 2007


Gift Ideas For Grads

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Graduations are coming up… here are some inexpensive ideas for gifts for grads:

  1. Purchase a small plastic dish tub, 4-6 matching plastic plates, bowls and silverware. Include a small bottle of dish-soap. Entire cost is under $15.
  2. Laundry Basket, small bottle of laundry soap & Roll of Quarters. Add a sheet of Stain Removal Tips Printed from your Computer.
  3. Gas Gift Cards
  4. Window fan with several Speed Settings. For those going off to college, air conditioning is a luxury that most dorms don’t offer.
  5. Phone Cards or Cell Phone Minutes

May 28, 2007


Gardening can Save Money

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Even if you’ve never gardened before, this year may be a good time to start.  Just plan a small garden if this is your first time.  If you are experienced, consider enlarging your space.  Yesterday, we finished digging out some lawn to double the size of our small suburban garden.  All fruits and vegetables will be more expensive this year, and a well planned garden will save you money.  Plant only those items your family loves, and when your crop is ready eat, can, freeze, and dry all the produce.  Seeds and small plants will already be on sale in most areas, since planting time is short

May 27, 2007


Thank You

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While this has very little to do with preparing for credit free Holidays it has everything to do with our freedom to celebrate the holidays.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow many of our people are living and working in this country and in others trying to protect our way of life.  Our military personnel risk their lives and follow the orders of the government leaders we choose.  During this memorial day weekend, while you are grilling your meal, or traveling to a destination of your choice, please remember how many have given their lives so we can have a long weekend.  Please take time during your weekend to write some letters of thanks to our soldiers overseas.  Put together a care package and send it to someone’s brother or sister, to one of our sons or daughters.  Go visit an aging and lonely veteran in a veterans home or hospital, or the elderly gentleman in your neighborhood that fought in world war 2, Korea, or Viet Nam.  This weekend is about saying thank you for the life we live.

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