February 24, 2007


Shopping, Saving, Crafting

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I’m, on a buying trip, and won’t be writing for the next few days… so I decided to publish several days of tips.  New stuff when I return.



            Buy one or two pairs of extra long men’s size tube socks.  Get the heavy duty ones.  Visit the closest Asian market, and purchase a 5 or 10 pound bag of rice.  Get the cheapest kind they have.  Fill the tube socks with the rice (not too tightly packed), and tie a knot in the end to keep the rice from spilling out.  Whenever a family member needs a little extra heat to warm their feet, sooth an ache, or relax stiff muscles, put the sock of rice in the microwave for two to three minutes (depending on the size of the sock) and use as a heat pack.  The heat lasts for a long time, and the scent is very pleasant.  Use over, and over.



            Purchase an inexpensive knit hat for every family member, then turn the thermostat down to between 65 and 68 degrees.  If everyone keeps a hat and warm socks on in the house, you’ll be very comfortable, and save about 50¢ a day.  From now through Spring, you should save between $30 to $100.  Put at least $30 in the tin and let each family member put two new wishes in the tin.  If anyone complains about the cold, heat up the rice sock, and cuddle while reminding them about the wishes in the tin.


            Go to the reduced meat bin in your grocery store.  The meat has to meet the same standards as the full priced selections.  The meat may just look a little gray.  Plan on freezing the meat as soon as you get it home, or use within two days.  Put the difference between the original price and the sale price into the tin.



            When you buy socks for your kids, buy all pairs the same color.  The white socks with gray feet are the best.  Then, as socks are lost or misplaced, you’ll never have to throw out a sock because it has no match.  Put $1.00 in the tin for every unmatched sock you have in the bottom of the laundry basket.



            Review your calendar for March, and budget how much you will be spending for each gifting occasion.  If you normally purchase a Christmas present for those same people, plan on purchasing the Christmas gift at the same time.  Remember to record the purchase in your book.

February 23, 2007


Ask For Lower Interest Rates

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Call your credit card company and ask for a decrease on your interest rate.  Most will do this if you have a record of paying on time.  While you’re at it, call all places you have credit and ask for decreases.  Don’t forget your home and auto.  It’s unusual for the first person you get on the phone to say yes.  Ask for a supervisor, or for the person that has the authority to grant your request.

I have a trick that usually works very well when I call an organization with a complaint or an unusual request.  I tell them I am willing to tell my “story” twice.  Once to them, and the second time to the person that can offer me the solution.   

Be prepared before you call.  Find out what competitors are charging.  Know your payment history and credit rating.  Tell them you enjoy doing business with them, but that you need a decrease in your interest rate or you will explore other options.  

Many of our clients are surprised at how many will actually lower the interest rate by one or two points.   

February 22, 2007


Nurture Plants

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Continue to nurture your herb seedlings.  Even if you don’t make Christmas gifts from them, you’ll love using fresh herbs for cooking, cleaning, and medicinal purposes throughout the year.  I will be offering several tips for herb gifts throughout the year for inexpensive gifts.

February 21, 2007



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Take advantage of those Buy one, get second for a penny sales if the items on sale will make great gifts.  As another great man said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  For everything you purchase at a penny, drop the original purchase price into the tin

February 20, 2007


Shop For Mardi Gras

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Today is the last date for Mardi Gras this year.  Plan a trip to shop at your favorite party or discount store during the next few days.  Pick up purple, gold and green beads, feather masks, weird hats, and party favors.  Kids love the Mardi Gras colors, and all these items might make great stocking stuffers, or inexpensive birthday gifts for your kids friends.  Some items will work for party favors for your child’s birthday party as well.  Think ahead to Halloween too.  Will any of the masks work for a Halloween costume?  You should find all items at 50% to 75% off. 

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