January 31, 2007


Check Your Calendar

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Review your calendar for February, and budget how much you will be spending for each gifting occasion.  If you normally purchase a Christmas present for those same people, plan on purchasing the Christmas gift at the same time.  Remember to record the purchase in your book

January 30, 2007


Save on Utilities

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Wait to wash dishes and laundry until you have full loads.  You’ll use less water.  Use cold water when doing laundry whenever possible.  You’ll save on hot water.  Keep the thermostat turned down to save on your heating bills.  Turn off lights and other electrical appliances when you are not using them. 

These little tips are things you hear all the time, but most people don’t make these changes.   Each change should save you a few dollars each month.  Add them all up, and you can save well over $100 a year.  $100 will go a long way toward debt reduction or gifting!

January 29, 2007


Wet Wipes From Paper Towels

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If you have a baby or little ones, you can make your own wipes, and save a bunch.  Buy a roll of sturdy paper towels, and cut the roll in half.  Remove the cardboard center core, and stand each roll upright in a plastic mayonnaise (or similar) jar.  Mix 2 cups water, ½ cup baby oil, and  ½ cup baby magic baby bath or antibacterial hand soap.  Pour mixture over towels in jars, and replace cap.  When a diaper wipe or face wipe is needed, pull one wipe from the center and use. 

These are handy to keep around even if you don’t have kids.  They make a quick clean up cloth to keep in the car or at the office.  Not only will you save some money, if you use these frequently on your own hands, you’ll probably avoid colds and flu too..

January 28, 2007


Make Your Own Stock

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When you bring produce home from the store, wash it before you peel and trim.  Then place all peels and trimmings into a zip lock bag, and pop them in the freezer.  They can be added to water along with meat or poultry scraps to make the best homemade soup stock.  I keep a bag of onion peels, carrot peel, celery tops and scraps, and potato peels in the freezer.  When I get enough, I cook them up to make vegetable stock, or add my meat scraps or bones for extra flavor.  Once the stock is done, I strain off all the scraps and use the stock to make some of the best home made soups and stews.

January 27, 2007


Save Your Bread Crusts

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If you cut the crusts from kids sandwiches, or occasionally throw out stale bread, start drying these bread scraps.  24 hours on a cookie cooling rack or in an open cold oven will usually do the job.  Put all the dried scraps into zip lock bags and use them when making meat loaf, meat balls, bread pudding, croutons, stuffing etc.  You’ll save money on food and trash.

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